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I decided that this site needed a little more input and my personal knowledge base just is not large enough to match all of the experience as all of the owners of these fantastic cars combined. After thinking a little bit I also realized that many of the other owners may not have the ability to put together web sites dedicated to their cars, at least not without some cost involved.

My proposal that started going out to people as they registered their Maserati was an offer to create pages on my site to profile their cars with pretty much anything they wanted to say about them. Pictures can be added however we wish. I would like to get several well photographed total restorations as well as tales of almost forgotten cross country trips and cars that seem to have character all their own. This new addition to will allow you to profile your story online and have a page created for your car. This service is being offered at the extremely expensive rate of FREE.

This site was created with nothing but my time spent as I love my cars. If you are willing to write out your story and get me the images and text, I will put together the pages for the benefit of you and all other Maserati owners and/or dreamers in the world. This does take more time to do than managing the registry so be patient with me, but I will get your pages up if you request them. Email all information to

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My 1985 Biturbo E - project car 

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