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Professional Layout and Design  Talk about versatility!  Our Web designers and marketing experts have spent countless hours researching successful sites on the Internet in order to develop the most effective, professional Web site layouts and designs possible.  You can choose from hundreds of different layouts and color schemes, and with our 100% customizeable on-line editing tools, you can quickly and easily add pages, change text, buttons, images, etc. to meet the specific needs of businesses in virtually every industry.  What's more, if you have already designed pages in another program, it's no problem.  Uploading them to our software is a snap!

Thumbnail Creator  When you start uploading product images to your online catalog, all of your images will be automatically reduced to thumbnail-sized pictures ideal for displaying your merchandise.  Regardless of the original size, all of the thumbnail images on your site will have the same width, while maintaining the original aspect ratio, resulting in a professional, well-designed look for your product catalog pages.

Flash Editing Tool  This amazing tool gives you the power to add dynamic Flash pages and components anywhere on your Web site!  You can choose from 20 different custom-designed Flash presentations with text, images, and even music that you can modify to suit the unique needs of your business.

Industry-Specific Image Libraries   Our extensive image libraries provide you with access to thousands of high-quality images, backgrounds, graphics, and buttons optimized for use on your Web site.  Each image is stored in industry-specific categories so you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Rich Text Editor  This convenient tool works just like any other common word processing application - making it very easy for you to learn how to use.  Using Rich Text Editor, you can update, edit or add content to your Web presence very quickly and easily.  With the RTE, you can be sure that your site always looks its best at all times!

Image Editing/Graphic Design Tools  In the administrative section of your Web site, you'll have access to thousands of dollars worth of image editing and graphic design tools to enhance the look of your site.  You'll be able to create your own logos, buttons, and Web site banners, and our advanced image editing tools give you the ability to crop and resize exisiting images, and further optimize images on your site by adding borders, frames, and text quickly and easily.

WYSIWIG Web Site Editing Tools  The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor is a powerful interface tool that allows you to modify every aspect of your Web Site on screen in a view that closely resembles whta the published page will look like on the site.  The WYSIWYG Editor uses a simple point-and-click system:  click on any section of the Web page to access menus for inserting, deleting, or editing text, images, columns, tables, or any other component on your site.

Form Manager  You can create and customize unique forms in order to gather specific customer information.  Use this data to better understand your customer audience so that you can maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).


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